The ProTrainUp system offers the possibility of integration with external systems. See for yourself how ProTrainUp integrations can make work in your club easier.


Integration with the SendGrid mailing system combined with the ProTrainUp mass messaging module allows you to prepare and send information or vindicatory campaigns directly to employees, coaches, parents or players.

Thanks to the integration with SendGrid, as a sender you can be sure that the message you send will not get into the SPAM folder. One hundred percent deliverability of e-mails is ensured by secure e-mail servers from which the messages are sent.


SMS API is one of the most popular SMS mass sending and SMS marketing systems in Europe. By integrating the ProTrainUp system with the SMS API, as a user you get the perfect tool to communicate with employees, coaches, parents and athletes via SMS directly from the system.

With intelligent solutions, you can send SMS messages with just a few clicks to, for example, all parents in arrears.


Integration with the online accounting system will allow you to easily automate the process of issuing invoices to parents of players training in your club.

The system, based on the dues module, will prepare invoices that will be sent directly to the e-mail address of the parent selected by you. In this email the parent will be able to proceed to pay the invoice for the premium.

In wfirma system you will have full record of issued invoices and list of contractors. From here you will also be able to enter any corrections to invoices.


Quick payments are a great solution for all those who want to make payments in their club as easy as possible. Thanks to the integration of ProTrainUp with the micropayment solution provider DotPay, it is possible to pay various types of fees by parents directly in ProTrainUp.

Monthly premiums, clothing and insurance fees. With DotPay, parents can pay with 2 clicks!


Quick payments, is a great solution for all those who want to make the issue of payments in their club as easy as possible. Thanks to the integration of the ProTrainUp system with micro-payment solution provider PayU, it becomes possible for parents to pay various types of fees directly in the ProTrainUp system.

Monthly fees, payments for outfits or insurance. With PayU, a parent will be able to make payments with 2 clicks!

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